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We design and install residential tree houses for kids

Welcome to Treehouse Magic. We are your premier choice for kid's treehouse designs and installation in Houston, TX. Our superior quality treehouse services are what sets us apart from the rest. Our experienced treehouse designers strive to create amazing treehouses that encourage kids to play outdoors, stimulate their eagerness to learn, and inspire their imaginations. We offer interchangeable designs with optional add-ons and Video Monitoring from anywhere inside your Home!

Some of the services we provide include the following:

We are proud to work in the Houston area to provide children with fun and creative themed designs right in their own backyard! Treehouse Magic offers interchangeable elements, so as your kids grow and develop, your treehouse can too! Contact Treehouse Magic today for a comprehensive detail of all the services we have to offer.

Our Tree Forts start at $6,000 and Treehouses start at $10,000 and go up for fully customized ones!

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Click Here to See the Picasso Design! - Price: $13000

Reasons to Choose Us

  • Creative, Unique, & Educational
  • Custom Installer
  • Interchangeable Designs Available
  • Quality Service